Types of Gaming Chairs for PC and Console2018

Gaming is a great activity altogether which involves a number of key accessories which help you take your gaming experience to a whole new level. In this article, we shall be discussing the different types of racing gaming chairs which are available in the market today.

What Is a Gaming Chair?

There are basically two types of gaming chairs in the market. The first one is designed specifically for PC gaming. This is very much similar to an office chair which comes with a sturdy metallic frame to go with it.

The second type of gaming chair is one which is modified to work with certain gaming platforms such as the Xbox One or the PS4. They are very much similar in resemblance to a lounger or even a recliner which features sleek and futuristic designs which are very much low on the floor.

Both these gaming chair types are designed keeping one common thing in mind; to provide extra levels of comfort during gameplay sessions which can last for a long hour altogether. These gaming chairs come with added lumbar support and provide much greater comfort in comparison to standard office chairs. That’s not all! They also come with built-in cup holders, speakers, etc. along with a host of other interesting accessories.

Main Usage

These type of gaming chairs are primarily used for the purpose of gaming which means that they come loaded with added comfort features which involve gamers sitting in them for long durations of time.

There have been cases where gamers have died of exhaustion as a result of sitting on inappropriate chairs. This is a result of extreme measures not taken during gaming sessions.

Hence, when it comes to long and intense gaming sessions, a simple office chair or recliner will certainly not be of much use. While ordinary living room recliners can be sued for up to 6 to 8 hours of gameplay without taking breaks, even the most comfortable of office chairs can support gaming with comfort for a maximum of up to 10 hours.

As specified earlier, the two different types of gaming chairs are made for gaming on a specific platform, they are built for a specific type of gamer. PC gaming is different when compared to console gaming. This is because PC gaming is done on desktop tables which make an office chair to act as a perfect base to develop the best gaming chair for PC gaming.

Whereas, when it comes to console gaming, they are played only on television sets which makes recliners the perfect base to make the best gaming chair for a console gaming.

However, there is a special type of hybrid gaming chair which can be sued for both types of gaming. The details of these gaming chair types shall be covered in depth detail as the article progresses. These details have been gathered after hours of research over the internet.

Types of Gaming Chairs

The three basic types of gaming chairs are as follows:

  • PC Gaming Chairs
  • Platform Gaming Chairs
  • Hybrids

PC Gaming Chairs

When it comes to office chairs, it is safe to say that they served as a base for the development of modern-day PC gaming chairs. This is because such chairs carry the perfect ergonomic design to offer high levels of comfort to the gamers especially during log PC gaming sessions.

Though there a number of similarities between offices chairs and PC gaming chairs, there are a few subtle differences as well. One of the most notable one being the fac6t that PC gaming chairs come with bucket-style seats which come with added cushioning as well. Furthermore, the armrests too can be adjusted in terms of height while these gaming chairs come with an added lumbar support. Some exotic models come with added features such as a small pillow as well as a recline feature.

An Image of Brazen Shadow Gaming Chair for Types of Gaming Chairs

Platform Gaming Chairs

Platform gaming chairs are a whole new breed of gaming chairs in the market. They look very much close to a recliner but are very much rooted to the floor.

Most of the common models can rock while some also feature a side pocket for stowing away game controllers. However, the gaming chairs with no inbuilt speakers instead had headphone jacks.

However, if you’re looking for a chair which houses both form and function will be perfect for platform gamers. However, due to the poor chapel of the car, it can prove to be a very poor PC gaming chair.


A common type of hybrid gaming chair which is mounted on a base which can swivel. This gaming chair gives an appearance and shape which is very much in comparison to an office chair. However, the added paddings, as well as the shape, is very much similar to that of a typical recliner.

However, hybrids which can be considered as the most advanced come with multiple monitors which also feature a system of built-in speakers as well as a variety of game control mechanisms such as an added racing wheel to play the best race car games.

Another type of chair which is the ultimate when it comes to gaming chairs is the Emperor. This is not a great fit for anyone’s budget as it is a very expensive gaming chair option. However, it is a superb option for anyone who can afford it as it features some of the most in-demand features demanded in a good quality gaming chair.


These were some of the most commonly known types of gaming chairs out there. Though the final type of gaming chair is all down to the type of gamer you are, it’s safe to say that any gaming chair would be great for gaming. That’s not all! You can also save yourself from serious healthcare issues which can arise as a result of continuous hours of gaming on uncomfortable ordinary office chairs.

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